Numi creates creative, engaging, and transformative learning experiences.

What does that mean?

Let us explain…

Imagine that you heard that someone’s serving the best coffee in the world just around the corner. Really, the BEST coffee in the world. They are specially harvested coffee beans and manually grounded. This coffee received the most prestigious prizes in the world.
You just have to try it, right?
So you go to the coffee shop and they serve you the best coffee in the world… in a little plastic disposable cup. Like the ones you get when you go to the dentist or something.
Quite frustrating, right? Argh.
So you decide to let them know how your impressions (not cool, bro) and suggest that, next time, they serve in a cup that really represents the “best coffee in the world”.
They listen to you and change everything. Yey! They start to serve the coffee in a beautiful golden cup handpainted by an amazing artist. Wow. And you can even take the cup home with you!
That changes everything, right?
You decide to try it again and…yasssss. You even decide to also order a fluffy cake and you just love this new experience. Next time, you’ll come with your friends – since they’re coffee-lovers, they just have to try it out.
Ok, and what does that have to do with learning?

There are many many many facilitators, trainers, and teachers with a great educational background: degrees from top universities, many years of experience, and important certifications.

An impeccable CV.


when you participate in their classes, training programs, or workshops, you question yourself: really? That’s all I get? 😐. All that amazing CV ended in a boring, disengaging and monotonous experience.
What if….
What if this boring experience turned into an amazing one? An experience that will really transform the learners, inspire them and be truly memorable? And what if the feedbacks were a bit like these:

Juliana Santos


“Numi’s course was way more than I expected. It’s not only about tools, but much more about understanding in a practical way how facilitation and learning design works. I have already taken two new job positions and I’m so happy to be able to inspire my learners and peers and implement everything that I learned.”

Felipe Thomazetti

educational technologies expert

“I realized just how monotonous and boring my classes were. I couldn’t deliver a clear message and my learners didn’t have the experience that they really deserved. So I met Numi and everything changed. I became absolutely confident and prepared to create creative and innovative learning experiences.”

Pamella Martins

entrepreneur, and soft skills trainer

“Numi was a game-changer in my career, and they continue being an important part of my achievements in the field of learning design. After their course, I launched my own business and got approved in a startup acceleration program.”
Who’s behind Numi?

Who’s behind Numi...

Amanda Lopes and Sophia Leal are learning experience designers, facilitators, consultants, and Numi’s co-founders. Together, they sum up over 20,000 hours of facilitation and learning design across Brasil and the world.

Sophia Leal and Amanda Lopes

Amanda is passionate about human development and has already worked in multinational companies and startups until she decided to become an entrepreneur. Sophia moved to Germany to develop projects on design and social impact, and learn everything about learning design. Together, they fight for a world where people will understand that true learning happens outside slide presentations.

How do we work?

Over the last years, we have developed our very own methodology, the Learning Experience Design Canvas. This model is what guides the creation of all kinds of learning experiences at Numi. We combine insights from the world of education and the world of design and work on two different paths:

Training programs:

we train people (educators, HR teams, T&D professionals, among others) on how to create active, engaging and creative learning experiences.

Consulting projects:

we help organizations to create engaging learning processes and re-model learning experiences.

Click below to check out what we have done in different organizations:

We delivered a lecture on active learning and self-directed learning to hundreds of Globo's employees - Brazil's largest TV network
The National School of Public Administration impacts over one million public agents in Brazil every year. In 2020, we trained the Course Design team on active learning design.
Junior Achievement
we created the methodology and learning journey of TechJA, an I.T training program aimed at over 2000 young people. The program was funded by Google.org and the Interamerican Development Bank.
we trained the Corporate University team of Wiz, Brazil’s largest insurance and financial products distribution channel, on learning design and facilitation.
Digital Society School
we facilitated a learning experience design course for the trainees of DSS, based at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, with participants from more than 10 countries.
we designed an online asynchronous course to train volunteers of Namoral, a program aimed at teaching children from public schools about ethics and anti-corruption attitudes.
SOMOS Educação
we facilitated a motivation and leadership workshop for the sales team of Somos Education, which is part of the world’s largest educational group.
we facilitated an active learning and gamification workshop for teachers of public schools across Brazil from a community sponsored by Fundação Telefônica VIVO
PLAN Internacional
we trained Plan’s team on learning design to support the development of projects aimed at children’s rights and gender equality.

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